Skate Class for Beginners - The App

What's Inside:

Skate Class for Beginners contains a series of engaging, high quality video lessons that take you from absolute beginner through to skating forwards confidently. You'll also learn a variety of ways of stopping and turning. Carefully prepared video with still key frames and slow motion sequences along with engaging presentation ensure you get a quality learning experience and give you the skills to feel confident and in control.

Here's what's inside the app:

Before You Start - you'll get advice on skates, safety equipment and where to skate
The Basics - covers your stance and more
Stage One - gets you moving forwards, turning and braking
Stage Two - takes it a step further and shows you how to get some speed, turn quickly and stop safely using a variety of techniques

You'll also get some handy tips that help you make the most of your skating and avoid possible pitfalls.

Each video is beautifully shot taking full advantage of the iPhone retina screen. They carefully follow a series of steps designed to give you the skills to be confident and in control as you skate. The lessons are taught by a qualified skate instructor.

Use these lessons to:
- get up to speed with the basics
- complement lessons with a qualified skate instructor
- top up skills that you feel you may be lacking

It's like having a skate instructor in your pocket. Use it:
- whilst you're on the bus or tube on your way to a park
- in a cafe or on the bench whilst having a break

All content is stored in the app. So, once you've bought it you won't need to worry about finding a phone signal or getting charged for data downloads or roaming fees. Just pop your phone in your pocket and you'll have detailed lessons instantly at hand when you need them.